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May 13th, 2019


Dear Iberoamerican Researchers, Professionals and Students of Food Engineering


During the Ibero-American Congress of Food Engineering (CIBIA X), that took place in Uruguay, it was proposed to create an Iberoamerican Professional Society of Food Engineering  – and this proposal by the was reviewed over the period between CIBIA X e XI (Valparaiso, Chile and Montevideo, Uruguay). The creation and acceptance of the above referred proposal by the Iberoamerican Food Engineering community was carried out during our CIBIA XI, during the Open Assembly in which the professionals working on this field were all in favor of the creation of a formal association. Since then, an intensive and extensive work has been developed to achieve its legal registration.

Nowadays we are working in the process of establishing a protocol before the public notary of the  Iberoamerican Association of Food Engineering (SIBIA) in Mexico, conceived as a permanent group  which main objective is to promote research and knowledge dissemination on Food Engineering in Latin America and in the Iberian Peninsula and its projection to the whole world. The main activities of SIBIA were defined as the organization of live and multimedia events as well as to disseminate knowledge about our field. The main management of SIBIA is to assist in holding do Congresso Iberoamerican Congress of Food Engineering (CIBIA), participating in the selection of the place where it will take place and on the choice of the group that is going to organize it and support the activities of the different organizing committees of these congresses.

Currently, there are already provisions governing the functioning of SIBIA, which will be reviewed by the Executive Board or the Board of Directors of the new organization.

During CIBIA XII held in Faro, Portugal, through the Opened Assembly to be held on the 2nd of July by 6:00 pm in the Grand Auditorium (included in the program of the event), the details of the activities to be filed and, on the location of the 13th CIBIA will be informed.


Margarida Vieira, Gustavo Gutiérrez-López, Gustavo Barbosa-Cánovas, Jorge Welti-Chanes